mountain-top-road-world-hd-wallpaper-1920x1200-10545Welcome to Travel My Road!

It’s all about choosing your priorities in life and over coming your fears to live outside the box. It really is possible to travel full-time and work from the road. So don’t let the naysayers throw water on your dreams. Live life on your terms and forget what society is telling you to do.

For me it’s about passion, finally stopping to listen to my heart and what it had to say. Once I learned stop, take a deep breath and listen to my heart I realized the answer was there. At first it was a “what the hell” moment, then contemplation, acceptance and finally the realization that this is what I really, really want to do with my life. I want to see, explore, experience, take pictures and WRITE.

Yes, this analytical guy who always tries to put things into reason, realized that what I really want to do experience life and help others do it too. Once I came to realize and accept that, such a calming feeling came over me.

How many times have you looked at someone else’s life with envy, only to say “only if I could.” Travel My Road explores what happened when I finally decided to stop saying “only if I could” and when I started to think I AM! The focus is on: affordable travel, how it is possible to work while on the road to finance your journey, how to overcome those barriers that may be holding you back from living your dreams and the absolutely spectacular places there are to see throughout the world.

No matter how you are traveling there is something here for you. Whether you travel by RV or are foot loose and fancy free, it’s all about travel, what to see and how to do it affordably. So now………………

Forget The Norm, Follow Your Heart!


travel-my-road-image-1st-post-the-journey-beginsThe launch is official and the journey begins. Travel My Road has come to fruition after many years of feeling that something was missing from my life. To many of us put our passions aside and follow what we believe is the norm. Let’s travel together as we Forget the Norm and Follow Our Hearts. It’s all about affordable travel and what to see, so pack your bag and lets hit the road. Untitled-3


Have you ever had something stick in the back of your mind; a song, a story or movie and you’re just not be able to shake it?

A couple of months ago that happened to me, after having read a post from a fellow blogger who was traveling in Berlin it left me with that feeling.   She had gone to see the Checkpoint Charlie Museum and was disappointed by what she had seen. It was clear to me she did not walk away with an understanding of what it stood for. Untitled-3





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