South America

satimesnewSouth America has so many beautiful places I have only seen on TV or read about. I think you could spend a lifetime just exploring this continent, its people, the deep-rooted cultures and traditions.

Over time I will delve deeper into the countries and places I want to visit here. But as I write this, I close my eyes dreaming of the small villages in the Andes, the expansive cattle ranches in Argentina and the deep Indian cultures of the Peruvian people. I want to know Patagonia is more than outdoor gear, and hey let’s be real what man has not dreamed of being on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Thinking about it brings a tear to my eyes, wondering if I will get to see it all in my lifetime. I can feel the warmth of the desire to travel burning in my chest, my heart pounding fast and hard as I think about riding along side the Gauchos on a cattle round-up. That’s what experiencing travel is all about.


  • Lima


  • Santiago
  • Puerto Montt


  • Buenos Aires
  • Rio Gallegos

Galapagos Islands


  • Sao Paulo
  • Rio de Janeiro


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