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Grand Design Momentum toy haulerAs I have gotten older; sleeping on the ground or in noisy hostels has lost its appeal. I enjoy the comforts of home, but can’t shake the desire to see it all. I need to travel, experience, and live life the way it was meant to be. Therefore, I found a compromise. One that I  grew up with and have learned to love.  What better way to combine my desire to really experience a destination with the need to work while on the road? An RV will allow me to truly see our great country without the feeling of needing to get home. FLEETWOOD ENTERPRISES AMERICAN EAGLE

I love to travel the back roads, to stop and explore small town America, and to have breakfast in a quiet little café while getting to know the locals. There’s something special in getting to really experience a town for what it’s worth.

RV-rv-park-300x225So why if this is such a great idea, do we have to limit ourselves to the United States? It doesn’t, and I will also discuss my plans to ship a smaller Class C RV to Europe, in addition to where I can store it and spend parts of the year traveling the back roads of the many European countries.

The discussions will cover: how to choose an RV to meet your needs, what options are a must, how your RV can be your office, how to stay at some beautiful locations for free (with a Wal-Mart parking lot thrown in here and there).

In respects to RVing (Caravanning) in Europe, together we’ll explore the difference between RVing in the US and Europe, why ship an RV vs. buying one over there, outfitting a rig for the differences in Europe, freight brokers, shipping companies and visa requirements.

I share some great links, shoot some videos, tell you my choices and share what I use. Please also pass along those must have recommendations and tell you how I feel about them.

Your recommendations and thoughts are always welcome. Hopefully we can learn from each other, and feel free to share your experiences, contribute by commenting below.

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