Home Exchanges and House Sitting


Hospitality Club: Hospitality Clubs aim is to bring people together – hosts and guests, travelers and locals. Thousands of Hospitality Club members around the world help each other when they are traveling – be it with a roof for the night or a guided tour through town. Joining is free, takes just a minute, and everyone is welcome. Members can look at each other’s profiles, send messages and post comments about their experience on the website.

Stay4Free: Home exchanges (also called home swap) are when two families agree to exchange their homes for a period of time for vacation. There is no time limit: it could be for a weekend or 12 months. There is no place limit either: the exchange can be within a country or between different countries. A key characteristic is that nobody pays anything; your stay will be free.

Home Exchange: Home exchanges work better for older established travelers who own their residence. Their idea is to connect like-minded travelers by helping you travel anywhere, live like locals, and stay for free.

International Home Exchange Network (IHEN): Serves both those wishing to exchange a home or find a vacation rental. Since 1995, IHEN has served the needs of vacationers worldwide. Its members have been able to arrange home exchanges, rent their second or vacation homes and locate unique privately owned vacation rentals worldwide.

HOUSE SITTING (Great Resource for RVers and World Travelers)

TrustedHousesitters.com: This is one of those, it almost sounds too good to be true things. Trusted Housesitters has a small annual fee (less than one night’s hotel stay in most places) and has clients from all over the world. People registered are looking for trusted house sitters to look after their house or condo while they are away. Many have animals that need caring for, but it is a small trade-off to spend two weeks to 2 months or more in a comfortable setting while you explore the sites.  Even as an RVer I have found this to be a great resource. Whether you do want to take a break and travel abroad on vacation and for those traveling in the states. I have seen many house-sitting openings for people who clearly state they have room to park an RV.

HousesittersAmerica.com: This is a smaller American version of Trusted Housesitters which serves all countries, so the description is the same as above. Sitting obligations can be from 3 days to a year, so there is something for everyone. In many cases there is a pet to care for.

Mind My House: Mind My House is a global house sitting matching service. They provide all the online tools for home owners and house sitters to find each other from around the globe (or around the corner).

House Carers: House Careers provides a secure environment where homeowners can locate a reliable house sitter, and sitters can achieve their financial and housing objectives.

Luxury House Sitting: Do you want to take it up a notch! Wanna see how the other half lives, why not try Luxury House Sitting and vacation like a Rock Star. Even better, you’ll get paid for it too! This is a twist up from normal house sitting and may require an interview and a signed contract.

Nomador: Nomador is a trust-based community platform putting house-sitters and homeowners into contact. As a homeowner, a house-sitter will look after your home when you’re away. As a house-sitter, discover new areas of the world while looking after someone’s home.

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